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Stephen Watkins, a friend of a mother of two abducted boys asks for help as the International Day of Abducted Children (May 25th, 2011) nears.
As the Children & Young People Now reports, the UK appeal court decided that the Hague Convention reasoning's have no matter in a recent case of children who were abducted from US to Nigeria. They justified their ruling, which in essence condones the action of abducting mother, with a "bigger good" of the children. Would they rule if she was.... of a different race?
Some Japanese mothers have discovered the proverbial “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” experience. Unlike most of the Japanese society, these mothers want their government to join the Hague Convention treaty to fight international child abductions. In the latest article published in Japan Times Natusko Fukue reports on some mothers pushing government […]
A new Youtube video has prompted this commentary on a subject that I tried (for obvious reasons) not to cover by this site. I hope that this commentary is not going to start a "us vs them, i.e. fathers vs mothers" war.
It seems that the Polish Courts found a way out to keep the children in Poland, even after the abducting parent was initially order to return the child back to their homes abroad. After a 3rd instance appeals have been removed by the Polish legislature for the family disputes (divorces, custody cases, Hague Convention cases…), the Polish judges of the regional courts feel that ignoring the Hague Convention Law is a valid option, and … they (the judges) are not afraid to use it.