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Sprawa uprowadzonej do Polski dziewczynki, przedstawiona przez polską gazetę przez pryzmat źle zrozumianego nacjonalizmu. Nie liczy się prawo i fakty; zamiast rozsądku i praworządności, oferowane są podchwytliwe frazesy i tanie chwyty dziennikarskie.
Desperate French father describes his daughter's abduction to Poland; asks for help.
Andreas Serghides writes about his lost daughters to an abduction by a Polish mother, and corrupt judicial system. Another victim, another crime, but Polish judges and authorities seem to be deaf and blind to the real problem.
Here is another story of a perant who uses children to get even with their spouse. Different country, but same reasons and lies in justifying the abduction.
POLAND: The Polish Central Authority has been cooperative and responsive in its dealings with the U.S. Central Authority. However, the U.S. Central Authority has informed the Polish Central Authority of concerns that the Polish judiciary is not fulfilling its obligations under the Convention, in large measure because it considers issues related to custody in Hague proceedings, makes inappropriate use of Article 13 (b), and affords uncertain, uneven enforcement of orders.