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Having been exposed to many years in Polish and American courts, I could never understand why would seemingly educated and intelligent judge, prosecutor or social worker write an opinion, say something, that undermined or simply negated the basic rules of law and common sense. Up till now, I blamed the situation in Poland on selected human […]
Here is a Youtube video from the Canadian House of Commons, where  rep. Jinny Sims petitions Canadian government to expedite the case of  Stephen Watkins and his missing/abducted children, Alexander and Christopher Watkins (Ustaszewski).
Here is a video post on two boys abudcted by their Polish mother from Canada to Poland. ALEXANDER WATKINS: White male. Born on June 7, 2001. Brown hair, blue eyes. He has a small round scar on the left side of his neck. His nickname is “Alex” or “Alek” in Polish. He has been diagnosed […]
Mike, another desperate father, who became a victim of a parental abudction.
A blog entry from a desperate Austrian parent, whose child was abducted to Poland by the mother.