Tag: Another Abduction

Andreas Serghides writes about his lost daughters to an abduction by a Polish mother, and corrupt judicial system. Another victim, another crime, but Polish judges and authorities seem to be deaf and blind to the real problem.
Here is another story of a perant who uses children to get even with their spouse. Different country, but same reasons and lies in justifying the abduction.
Christopher Yavelow, a father of abducted children to Europe appeals to the children of the world to help him recover his daughters.
On September 16, 1998 – 3 year old Amelia and 2 year old Daniel went to Poland (Gdansk) on a 4-month vacation with their mother, Alicja Holly-Szuta. On November 28th during the phone conversation mother of the children has announced to the father that is had filed for a divorce and refused to return with […]