Tag: “Good News”

It seems that American mother, Eileen Clark (I wrote about her earlier), who abducted her children to the UK lost her fight with US government and was sent back home to stand the trial in front of the American judge.  As the British Independent reports,  the appeal court in London did by the argument that Mrs. Clark […]
Last night, NBC Timeline had a story of abduction and recovery of Sean Goldman. His father David spent 5 years fighting his Brazilian wife and family in recovering abducted son back home to New Jersey.   The boy returned home 2 years ago in a big media frenzy instigated by his Brazilian abductors and media. […]
A piece of good news from the US government. It seems that the State Department is getting serious about tracking down international child abductors, and bringing them to justice, even when they they happen to be mothers. In today’s Daily Mail article we can read about the story about Eileen Clark, 54,  who fled to  Britain with […]
Some Japanese mothers have discovered the proverbial “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” experience. Unlike most of the Japanese society, these mothers want their government to join the Hague Convention treaty to fight international child abductions. In the latest article published in Japan Times Natusko Fukue reports on some mothers pushing government […]
Finland and Russia are on their way to sign a Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. A recent diplomatic row between the two neighbours after a Finnish consulate official involvement in a re-abduction of child, may have been a final push.