Rochester Man, Abducted as a Child By His Mother, Advocates For Tougher Laws

Rochester Man, Abducted as a Child By His Mother, Advocates For Tougher Laws
By Seth VoorheesUpdated Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. — A Rochester man who suffered through parental abduction as a child was in Albany on Tuesday to fight for tougher laws that will prevent other children going through a similar trauma.Scott Berne is pushing for tougher legislation against parental abductions.  “My mother did not serve one day of jail time for kidnapping me,” Berne said. “Thirty years ago, it’s the same law.  It’s a slap on the wrist.””This is an issue with enormous long term consequences for children,” said Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, D-Yonkers.Berne joined and state Sen. Patty Ritchie, co-sponsors of the Custodial Interference/Recovery of Missing Children Act.”It really changes the dynamic pretty dramatically, and it puts us in a better position to protect kids when those laws are enhanced,” said Ed Suk, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.According to the Justice Department, 200,000 children are abducted by their parents each year in the U.S., but in New York state, it’s just a misdemeanor.”During those two years, we changed names constantly, didn’t go to school, had no friends, faced constant abuse from her,” Berne said.

My children are still too young to “get it”. They are still living in a delusional world, and believe that their mother actually cares for them. Well, nobody can’t be helped in a situation when emotions compete with truth and facts.

My and many other children will have to arrive to the truth on their own.

As far as I am concerned?  I really don’t care what my children think any more.

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Co zrobić by zapobiec ewentualnemu uprowadzeniu dziecka za granicę przez drugiego rodzica:porady prosto z Departamentu Stanu USA.

Poradnik: Kroki, które mogą zapobiec uprowadzeniu twojego dziecka za granicę według zaleceń Departamentu Stanu USA, wydziału Spraw Dzieci (Office of Children’s Issues at the U.S. Department of State)


Wielokrotnym zarzutem, a raczej usprawiedliwieniem, używanym jako obrona przez rodziców porywaczy, podczas trwania wytoczonym im spraw w toku Konwencji Haskiej brzmi:

Mój mąż/żona/partnerka/konkubin ukrył(a) paszport dzieci bym nie mógł(a) “powrócić do kraju”.

Zastanówmy się na chwilę jak głupie i nielogicznie jest takie stwierdzenie i czego ono dowodzi.

Porywacz stara się przekonać sąd, że mimo że jego(jej) paszport nigdy nie był ukrywany, ich prawo do powrotu do kraju zostało w jakiś sposób złamane/ograniczone, co jest kompletną bzdurą.  Oskarżają drugiego rodzica o to że egzekwował swoje prawo do współdecydowania w sprawach opieki nad dzieckiem, a to wg. porywacza było ….[poczekaj chwileczkę… bicie bębenka dobosza …. jeszcze sekundę i… odsłona:] formą znęcania się psychicznego nad porywaczem! Holy macaroni!  Fakt że taki argument jest podnoszony, dowodzi również o wyraźnym braku zgody drugiego rodzica co do “powrotu” [w tłumaczeniu – uprowadzenia] ; rodzic, który zrobił bardzo sensowną, Continue reading “Co zrobić by zapobiec ewentualnemu uprowadzeniu dziecka za granicę przez drugiego rodzica:porady prosto z Departamentu Stanu USA.”

Hague Convention compliance report-another year, another joke.

US State Department 2013 Hague Convention Compliance report paints very sad picture on poor performance of Polish judicial system and the corruption, with equally sad attitude of American authorities on that subject.

As expected, the new 2013 Hague Convention compliance report about Poland was a total farce, a predictable display of another ridiculous sham.  I could be writing and wasting time getting angry, but …what is the point?  This administration’s way of “fixing” the problem by doubling the staff, and “forgetting” the inconvenient truth. American children are worth shit to them, except being a reason for their professional existence and a good source for income.

The US State Department Complience report April2013 to Congress

In the first case, the child’s kidnapper, after being ordered to return it in December 2009, went to hiding. Later appealed the verdict, and in July 2011 (1.5 years later), the case was remanded back to the lower court as a result.
Today, ….1.5 years later… there is still NO DATE SCHEDULED for the process to start from the beginning.    It sounds very similar to my case, if you read it,  and to many other  Polish cases. Corruption, corruption, corruption …

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Girl abducted by a father to Pakistan returns to England

As BBC reports, Atiya Anjum-Wilkinson was six, when her father abducted her to Pakistan three years ago. Even though Pakistan is not the party to the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of Child Abductions,  she was returned from Pakistan, after the father was sent to prison for refusing to disclose where his daughter was hidden.

It is truly amazing that this return was possible from the country, that is being considered by international standards, corrupt and anti-western.  Evidently, the British government was pressing hard enough their counterpart officials in Pakistan, that this happy ending was possible. Continue reading “Girl abducted by a father to Pakistan returns to England”

The day your abducted child turns 16, US government sends you a sad letter.

Today, was the day. A follow-up letter to a yet another, meaningless conversation with the Children Issues Department of the State Department representative, that I had a week or so ago. In a nutshell, I, the left-behind parent, was notified, that the case which was only officially “open”, was moved to another department for the next two years. The Hague Convention only covers children that have not reached the age of 16, so now they are off the hook… finally.

Knowing the law of the Convention by heart, it was not a surprise to me. What was, is the obtuse approach to the matter. Another new person in the department, telling me (without actually saying it) that “oh well… it’s been so long, that we really don’t see any way of helping your”. Pointing out the fact, that the United States government had given up on 2 US citizens much earlier in the past, was simply pointless at this point.

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